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19 January 2020
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Please click on a letter below to view all tartans beginning with that letter. For a more detailed search, you can use our Search the Register page.

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Your search has produced 246 resuls. To view more information on any of the tartans below, simply click on a tartan name.

Tartan NameCategoryDesign Date
F.I.A.T.A. Congress of 1990Corporate 01/01/1990
Faber (2015)Name 01/09/2015
Fabric of Scotland (Prickly Thistle), TheFashion 01/10/2015
Fair TradeFashion 19/11/2013
Falardeau-Murphy (Canada) (Personal)Name 01/03/2014
Falconer of Labhdal (Personal)Name 01/08/2005
Falconer, Karl (Personal)Name 02/10/2018
FalkirkDistrict 01/01/1990
Falkirk Football ClubCorporate Not Specified
Falklands, TheDistrict 01/06/2014
Fallow Deer, TheFashion 01/01/1972
Family Most FaireCorporate 19/08/2019
Famous Grouse, TheCorporate 01/01/1996
Farooq in Livingston (Personal)Name 27/05/2010
Farquharson (Vestiarium Scoticum) or MacEwen/MacEwanClan/Family01/01/1842
Farquharson DressClan/Family01/01/2002
Faskin Family (Aberdeenshire)Name 20/02/2012
Father’s Pride, TheFashion 08/11/2013
FauldsName 01/01/2007
Faulkner (Personal)Name 04/07/2009
FazzolettoneFashion Not Specified
FC BarcelonaCorporate Not Specified
Fear, J & Family (Personal)Name 28/11/2019
Fearns McIntosh Millennium (Personal)Name 01/01/1998
Fed. of Circles & SolitariesCorporate Not Specified
Feddinch Club, St Andrews Limited, TheCorporate 01/02/2000
Federal Bureau of InvestigationCorporate 01/01/2002
Federal MemorialCommemorative 01/01/1998
Federal Memorial DressMilitary Not Specified
Federated Women's Institutes ofCorporate 01/01/1996
Feis An EileinCorporate 01/06/2004
Feltham, P & Family (Personal)Name 16/04/2019
Feng, Mingli, & Family (Personal)Name 08/05/2019
Fenston/Morris (Personal)Name 01/09/2001
FergusonClan/FamilyNot Specified
Ferguson (Old)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ferguson (Tarlogie)Name 16/06/2016
Ferguson BrittCorporate Not Specified
Ferguson DressFashion 01/01/1980
Ferguson Dress #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ferguson Dress Blue (Dance)Fashion 01/01/1980
Ferguson Dress variationCorporate 01/01/1994
Ferguson of Atholl ClanClan/Family01/01/1850
Ferguson of BalquhidderClan/FamilyNot Specified
Ferguson of Balquhidder #2Clan/Family01/01/1831
Ferguson of Balquhidder #3Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Ferguson Red, George (Architect)Name 01/01/2010
Ferguson the AstronomerOther01/01/1776
Ferguson UnidentifiedClan/FamilyNot Specified
Ferguson's PromiseCommemorative 09/08/2010
Ferguson, James (Personal)Name 06/06/2019
Ferguson, Jeffrey S (Personal)Name 14/12/2014
Ferguson, Keith Stuart (Personal)Name 20/07/2012
Fermanagh (1990)OtherNot Specified
Fermanagh County, Crest RangeDistrict 01/05/2005
Fermanagh, CountyDistrict 01/01/1996
Fernandes (Personal)Name Not Specified
Fernie (Personal)Name Not Specified
Ferrari (Coldrerio)Name 21/02/2013
Ferrazza in Guidonia, Rome (Personal)Name 07/08/2011
Ferring PharmaceuticalsCorporate 01/01/2003
Ferroff, Constantin (Personal)Name 15/01/2019
Ferster, James CarneyName 02/04/2012
Festival Celtique de QuébecCorporate 15/01/2014
Fettes (Personal)Name Not Specified
Fettes CollegeCorporate 01/01/2002
Fiander, Julian (Personal)Name 21/10/2013
FiddesName Not Specified
Fiddes #2Name Not Specified
Fiddes #3Clan/Family01/01/1790
Fiddes (2007) (Personal)Name Not Specified
Fiddes (Artefact)Other01/01/1972
Fiddes (Corrected)Clan/Family01/01/1975
Fidgett (2017)Name 06/05/2017
Field Gun AssociationCorporate 13/10/2008
Fife (Mann)Fashion 01/03/1992
Fife (McGill)District 01/01/1998
Fife ArmsCorporate 24/01/2018
Fife Ethylene PlantCorporate 22/10/2015
Fife FlyersCorporate 19/07/2002
Fife, Duke OfDistrict 01/01/1880
Filipino AmericanCorporate 16/07/2012
Fily, S (Personal)Name 10/09/2010
FinlagganFashion 01/01/1999
FinneganDistrict 01/01/1988
Finnie (Personal)Name 17/06/2006
Finnigan (Estimated threadcount)Fashion 01/01/2005
FinnishDistrict 01/06/2006
Fintry Primary School (Dundee)Corporate 21/06/2018
Finzean's FancyOther01/01/1985
FionaFashion 01/01/2002
FirefightersCorporate 01/07/2005
Firefighters' MemorialCorporate 01/07/2007
Firenze ~ FlorenceDistrict 01/08/2005
FirstCorporate 01/03/2006
First Special Service ForceMilitary 17/10/2014
Firth of TayFashion 01/01/1975
Fish (2017)Name 02/07/2015
Fish Hoek High SchoolCorporate 01/01/2011
Fitzgerald (Family)Clan/Family01/01/1970
Fitzgerald (Military)Military 01/01/2002
Fitzgerald DressClan/Family01/01/1970
Fitzgerald HuntingClan/Family01/01/1901
Fitzgerald RedClan/Family01/01/1975
FitzgibbonName 01/01/2006
Fitzgibbon RedName 20/05/2009
FitzpatrickName 01/01/1978
Fitzpatrick HuntingClan/Family01/01/2002
Fitzsimmons RedClan/Family01/08/2007
FlaumandrumCorporate 01/01/2005
Fleet Air ArmMilitary 23/05/2017
Fleming/Frisken/FlandersCommemorative 01/01/1997
FletcherClan/FamilyNot Specified
Fletcher #2Clan/Family01/01/2002
Fletcher of DunansClan/Family01/01/1880
Flint (2018)Name 21/12/2017
FloddenCommemorative 22/07/2013
Flora MacDonaldOtherNot Specified
Flores, Martin E (Personal)Name 29/07/2017
FloridaDistrict 01/06/2006
Florida Keys Celtic FestivalOther03/07/2019
Flotilla NavyFashion 01/01/2002
Flower of ScotlandDistrict 01/01/1990
Flowers of the Forest, TheCommemorative 12/08/2013
FlynnFashion 01/12/2000
Fogarty (Tipperary)Name 27/02/2010
Followers' PlaidOther01/01/2002
Fong Celebration (Personal)Name 10/04/2013
FontainbleuFashion 01/01/1983
Forbes #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Forbes #3Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Forbes #4Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Forbes #5Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Forbes #6Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Forbes (Fashion)Fashion 01/01/1970
Forbes (Pendleton-1)Fashion 01/01/1970
Forbes DressClan/Family01/01/2002
Forbes Dress (Clans Originaux)Clan/Family01/01/1880
Forbes of DruminnorOther01/01/1968
Forbes, AncientClan/Family01/01/1949
Forbo NairnCorporate 01/11/1995
Force-Garrett, Daniel and Amy, & Family (Personal)Name 06/07/2019
Ford & EtalCorporate 01/01/2002
FordeDistrict 01/01/1978
ForfarDistrict 01/03/2004
Forfar FarmingtonCommemorative 01/01/2005
Forget Family (Red)Name 15/08/2012
Forget Family (Yonne)Name 14/07/2012
ForresFashion 01/01/1988
Forrester (James) (Personal)Name 01/01/1987
Forrester / FosterClan/Family01/01/1990
Forrester/Foster HuntingClan/Family01/01/1985
ForsythClan/FamilyNot Specified
Forsyth (1795)Clan/Family01/01/1795
Fort WilliamDistrict 01/01/1819
Forth Bridges, TheCorporate 23/07/2018
Foster Brother CustomsCorporate 16/11/2017
Fothergill, baron of Kinross (Personal)Name 24/05/2012
Fountain of the StrongFashion 01/01/1972
Four Quarters (Personal)Name Not Specified
Fowdar (Personal)Name 21/07/2007
FowlerName 01/09/2008
Fox HuntingName 01/04/2003
Fox, RedClan/Family01/07/2004
Fox-Eves WeddingOther02/05/2014
Frame (Edinburgh) (Personal)Name 01/06/2004
Frame (Ferniegair) (Personal)Name 25/03/2010
FranconianCorporate 01/08/1997
FrangordCorporate 01/01/2002
Frankenmuth InsuranceCorporate 07/09/2016
FranklinDistrict 01/01/2005
Franklin Museum Unidentified 2Other01/01/1790
Fraser (1745)Clan/Family01/01/1745
Fraser (Wilson 1820)Clan/Family01/01/1820
Fraser ArisaidClan/Family01/01/2002
Fraser Arisaid #2Fashion 01/01/2002
Fraser Arisaid Red (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2002
Fraser DressClan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser Gathering Dress (1997)Commemorative 01/05/1997
Fraser Gathering, Green (1997)Commemorative 01/05/1997
Fraser Gathering, Red (1997)Commemorative 01/01/1997
Fraser GreenFashion 01/01/1979
Fraser HuntingClan/Family01/01/1842
Fraser Hunting #2Name Not Specified
Fraser Hunting (unmarked sample)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser Hunting DressClan/Family01/01/1976
Fraser of AltyreClan/Family01/01/1830
Fraser of Boblainy, HughClan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser of Castle Leathers, Major JamesOther01/01/1730
Fraser of LovatClan/Family01/01/1893
Fraser of StratherrickClan/Family01/01/1757
Fraser Red DressClan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser Stewart of AtholClan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser YellowClan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser Yellow #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Fraser, IsabellaOther01/01/1785
Frasers PropertyCorporate 26/05/2018
FraterName 01/01/1995
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 70th AnniversaryCommemorative 26/03/2019
Fray, Jonathon Matthew (Personal)Name 12/02/2017
Fred PerryCorporate 10/08/2013
Frederiction Police ForceCorporate 01/09/2001
Fredericton #1District 01/01/1961
Fredericton #2District 01/01/1961
Free (Wishaw)Name 01/02/2010
Freedom of DerryFashion 01/03/2007
Freedom of ScotlandFashion 01/08/2003
Freemasons' UniversalCorporate 01/12/2003
FregerFashion Not Specified
FreiburgDistrict 01/04/2005
Fremont Presbyterian Church (P)Corporate 01/01/2007
Fremsaeter, Jenny (Personal)Name 06/11/1956
French Freemasons' PrideFashion 15/10/2011
Friebe (2014)Name 04/10/2014
Friedebold, Gerald & Volker (Personal)Name 26/10/1981
Friends of Cancer Research (UK)Other13/09/2017
Friends of NordeggCorporate 12/06/2010
Friends of Scotland CaucusCorporate 01/08/2007
Friends of Scottish RugbyCorporate 12/08/2018
Froach's GrianFashion 01/01/2007
Froben, Christian (Personal)Name 05/05/2014
Frobo NairnCorporate 01/01/2002
Frogaletto (Personal)Name 01/09/2007
Fruin ColquhounUnidentified01/01/1998
Fueglistal (Aargau) (Personal)Name 12/06/2012
Fujisankei SereneCorporate 01/03/2003
Fukae (2017)Name 23/10/2013
Fulbright FoundationCorporate 01/01/2006
Fulbright, Senator (Personal)Name 01/01/2006
Fuller of Hopewell (Personal)Name 01/09/2005
Fullerton, Terence (Personal)Name 26/01/2015
Fulton (1999)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Fundy Bay ColoursOther12/03/2019
Furman UniversityCorporate 01/01/2004
FyvieDistrict 01/01/2008
Fyvie MagentaFashion Not Specified
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