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22 January 2019
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Tartan NameCategoryDesign Date
S.C.O.T.SCorporate 01/01/1989
S3Corporate 16/03/2004
SABACorporate 27/05/2016
SabrettesCorporate 01/01/2001
Sachie Hara Scottish Check (Personal)Name 01/11/2002
Sacramento City Fire DepartmentCorporate 01/06/2004
Sacred Heart UniversityCorporate 24/05/2017
SafewayCorporate 01/01/1991
Sail ChalmadaleFashion 01/06/2007
Saint Andrew's Society of Los AngelesCorporate 14/03/2017
Saint Andrew's Society of SacramentoCorporate 17/04/2017
Saint John New BrunswickFashion 01/01/2010
Saint Joseph de SorelCommemorative 21/10/1999
Saint Joseph de Sorel #2District 01/01/2000
Saint Margaret of Scotland Youth GroupCorporate 17/05/2011
Saint Thomas More Parish Centenary 2018Commemorative 13/05/2018
Saint-JérômeDistrict 04/01/2018
Sakura (Japanese Four Seasons)Fashion 12/08/2008
SAL Cubiska StenenCorporate 01/06/2016
SAL Glindrande StiernanCorporate 13/12/2008
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield CeremonialDistrict 09/07/2010
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield TraditionalDistrict 14/03/2010
Salem Scottish Dancer's Wee BluetFashion 26/02/2001
Salem Scottish Dancers (Dance)Fashion 26/02/2001
Salem Scottish Dancers (Dance) #2Fashion 01/01/2000
Salich-Plaja of St. Genis (Personal)Name Not Specified
Salmeron, Antonio (Personal)Name 01/12/2018
Salt Lake CountyDistrict 01/04/1996
Salt Lake ScotsDistrict 01/01/2002
Salt Spring IslandDistrict 01/09/2015
SaltcoatsDistrict 24/04/2001
Saltcoats (Saskatchewan)District 24/06/2006
SaltireFashion 01/12/2003
Salvation Army DressCorporate 01/01/1983
Salvation Army HuntingUnknown01/01/1983
SamyeCorporate 01/03/2007
Samye #2Corporate 01/07/2006
Samye SanghaCorporate 01/03/2007
Samye Sangha #2Corporate 01/07/2006
San Antonio Scottish RiteOther30/11/2016
San Diego, TheDistrict 10/02/2013
San FranciscoDistrict 10/01/2007
San Jose Police Emerald SocietyCorporate 05/10/2017
Sandberg of Greenock (Personal)Name 01/07/2006
Sandelin #2 (Personal)Name 01/05/2006
Sandelin (Personal)Name 01/01/2007
Sandhu (Personal)Name Not Specified
Sandilands-Watson (Personal)Name 25/05/2016
Sands-Pingot Family, Alabama (Personal)Name 01/03/2012
Sanix ModernFashion 01/12/1999
Sanix MutedFashion 01/12/1999
Sanley-Cantamessa (Personal)Name 03/06/2013
SaorsaCorporate 07/11/2012
SarafilovicCorporate 01/01/2004
Sarasota - DunfermlineCommemorative 01/07/2003
Sarna (State)District Historic
Sarna (Town)District 01/01/2002
Sarros, Terrence (USA) (Personal)Name 11/11/2011
SaskatchewanDistrict 01/01/1961
Saskatchewan (CIDD 28105)Commemorative Not Specified
Saskatchewan DressCorporate Not Specified
Satchidananda (Personal)Name 01/07/1901
Satisfashion ArgyllCorporate 01/02/2005
Saudi Royal TerminalsCorporate 13/07/2017
Saueressig, Derek (Personal)Name 22/05/2018
Saul (Personal)Name 01/11/2001
Saunders (Personal)Name 11/11/2009
Savannah Harley DavidsonCorporate Not Specified
SavoyFashion 01/01/1983
Sawicki, Peter (Personal)Name 01/01/2010
ScandinavianDistrict 01/04/2004
Scania 1658Commemorative 19/11/2013
Scarborough, Patrick L (Personal)Name 02/12/2017
SCH '67 ClassOther01/08/2014
SchiehallionCorporate 01/08/2003
Schiffmann (2017)Name 25/07/2017
Schmidt (2014)Name 17/04/2014
Schneidersohne CentenaryCorporate 01/01/2002
Schneller, Ronald Glen, holder of the feudal barony of Loudoun (Personal)Name 20/08/2018
Schöbitz (2016)Name 09/05/2016
Schotte Clique 1947 BaselCorporate 11/03/2011
Schranz-GritteFashion Not Specified
Schreiner UniversityCorporate 29/10/2018
Schuster (Bavaria) (Personal), BenediktName 05/05/2011
Schwarzen Keiler, DieCorporate 26/08/2013
Scobie (Blackford)Name 01/05/2010
Scotch House (Corporate)Corporate 01/01/2002
Scotch House (Dalgliesh)Fashion 01/01/2002
Scotch House 2000 AntiqueFashion 01/01/1999
Scotch House 2000 DressFashion 01/01/1999
Scotch House 2000 OriginalFashion 01/01/1999
Scotch MistCorporate 01/06/2007
Scotch TapeCorporate Not Specified
Scotch Tape #2Corporate Not Specified
Scotch WhiskyFashion 01/06/2016
Scotch Whisky Heritage CentreCorporate 01/01/1988
ScotiaFashion 01/01/1850
Scotia (EWM)Fashion 01/01/1982
Scotland (Personal)Name 01/09/2002
Scotland 1782Fashion 28/03/2001
Scotland 1782 #2Fashion 01/01/2001
Scotland 2000Commemorative 01/01/1998
Scotland ForeverFashion 01/01/2003
Scotland the BraveFashion 01/01/1999
Scotland the Brave Dress (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2005
Scotland's Charity Air AmbulanceCorporate 01/06/2013
Scotland's GraceFashion 09/05/2014
Scotland's International - AwayFashion Not Specified
Scotland's International - HomeFashion Not Specified
Scotland's LionheartFashion 01/01/2007
Scotland's NationalFashion 01/01/1993
Scotland's National DressDistrict 01/01/1994
Scotland's OwnFashion 01/01/1999
Scotland's PeopleFashion 01/11/2003
Scotland's War (1914-1919)Commemorative 30/04/2018
Scotland’s Golf CoastCorporate 02/04/2015
Scots HeritageCorporate 01/01/2000
Scotsburn CroftFashion 05/01/2015
ScotshillCorporate 01/10/2014
ScotsmanCorporate 01/11/1999
ScotstownDistrict 19/06/2016
Scott #2Name Not Specified
Scott (Abbreviated)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Scott (Black and White)Clan/Family01/01/2002
Scott (Green)Clan/Family01/01/2002
Scott (MacRae)Clan/Family01/01/2002
Scott (Sir Walter Scott) (Personal)Clan/Family01/01/1822
Scott AutumnFashion 01/01/2002
Scott Black and GreyMilitary 01/01/1948
Scott DressClan/Family01/01/2002
Scott Dress #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Scott Green (Sir Walter)Clan/Family01/01/1822
Scott HuntingClan/Family01/01/1906
Scott Hunting specialClan/FamilyNot Specified
Scott, Sir WalterFashion 01/01/1840
Scott, Sir Walter #2Fashion 01/01/1971
Scott, Sir Walter #3Fashion Not Specified
Scottish AirportsCorporate 01/11/1998
Scottish Ambulance ServiceCorporate 01/01/1996
Scottish AmericanFashion 01/10/2003
Scottish American Athletic AssocCorporate 01/05/2007
Scottish American MilitaryFashion 05/10/2009
Scottish American Society of Michigan (Official)Corporate 18/09/2011
Scottish Association for Neurological SciencesCorporate 01/10/2006
Scottish BakersCorporate 10/02/2016
Scottish BalletCorporate 16/08/2013
Scottish Banner, TheCommemorative 22/04/2016
Scottish Bear (Mathan Albannach)Other16/07/2016
Scottish BluebellCorporate Not Specified
Scottish BorderlandFashion 01/01/1996
Scottish Borders Tourist BoardCorporate 01/12/2000
Scottish CanalsCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Chamber Orchestra, TheCorporate 07/08/2014
Scottish ChieftainCorporate 01/03/2000
Scottish ClaymoresCorporate 01/04/1996
Scottish Crofting FoundationUnidentified01/07/2007
Scottish Cultural SocietyCorporate 01/01/1994
Scottish Deaf HistoryCorporate 06/10/2015
Scottish Economics Society 'Adam Smith'Corporate 20/09/2010
Scottish Express InternationalCorporate 01/06/1996
Scottish Football AssociationCorporate 01/01/2003
Scottish Foundation VA HighlandsCorporate 01/03/2006
Scottish Funereal AssociationCorporate 01/01/1996
Scottish GasCorporate 01/01/1985
Scottish HeatherFashion 02/10/2001
Scottish HeritageCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Heritage PreservationCorporate 01/01/2000
Scottish Heritage USA (SHUSA)Corporate 01/01/2000
Scottish Highlander DressFashion 01/10/1997
Scottish Highlands & Islands Film CompanyCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Hockey UnionCorporate 01/01/2002
Scottish Institute of SportCorporate 01/01/2005
Scottish IslamicCorporate 27/06/2011
Scottish ItalianFashion 05/02/2015
Scottish Jewish CommunityCorporate 5/1/2008
Scottish Knights Templar InternationalCorporate 01/01/1979
Scottish Knights Templar Militi Templi ScotiaCorporate 01/01/1989
Scottish Knights Templar St. AndrewsCorporate 01/01/1989
Scottish LionName Not Specified
Scottish MonumentsCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Motor Trade AssociationCorporate 01/07/1997
Scottish NationalFashion 01/01/1994
Scottish National DressFashion 01/01/1994
Scottish National Football TeamCorporate 04/04/2017
Scottish National HuntingFashion 01/01/1996
Scottish National PartyCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Netball AssociationCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Netball Association (1987)Corporate 01/01/1987
Scottish North American Business CouncilCorporate 01/01/2006
Scottish NuclearCorporate 01/04/1995
Scottish OdysseyCommemorative 01/01/2002
Scottish Open GolfCorporate 11/04/2017
Scottish Open SquashCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Parliament (Official)Corporate 01/07/2009
Scottish Parliament (unofficial)Fashion 01/01/1998
Scottish Piping Society of LondonCorporate Not Specified
Scottish Police FederationCorporate 14/08/2018
Scottish PowerCorporate 01/01/1997
Scottish PrideFashion 01/01/2005
Scottish Prison ServiceCorporate 01/01/2005
Scottish PupFashion 08/06/2010
Scottish Qualifications AuthorityCorporate 01/01/1997
Scottish Register of Tartans' TartanCorporate 05/02/2009
Scottish Rugby UnionCorporate 01/01/1991
Scottish Rugby Union (City of Nagasaki)Corporate Not Specified
Scottish Scouts #2Corporate 01/01/1957
Scottish Scouts (1922)Corporate 01/01/1922
Scottish SpiritFashion 14/11/2013
Scottish Tartan SocietyCorporate Not Specified
Scottish ThistleCorporate 01/02/2007
Scottish Tourist Board (1981)Unknown01/01/1981
Scottish Tourist Board (1990)Corporate 01/01/1990
Scottish Tourist Guides AssociationCorporate 20/11/2009
Scottish WatchCorporate 01/01/1932
Scottish WildcatFashion 15/11/2014
Scottish Women's Rural Institutes, TheCorporate 01/01/1995
Scottish-Shop SwitzerlandCorporate 01/05/2016
Scotts Bluff CountyDistrict 15/05/2017
Scotts ValleyCorporate 01/01/2002
Scout Association of Hong Kong, New Territories RegionCorporate 11/04/2018
Scout Mapping ServiceCorporate Not Specified
Scout Mapping Service #2Corporate Not Specified
ScoziaFashion 01/01/2002
Scragg Moran (Personal)Name 09/03/2011
Scrimgeour of GlassaryClan/FamilyNot Specified
Scruffy WallaceName 11/04/2011
Sea Dog Bamse, Pride of NorwayFashion 01/01/2008
Seacliff AcademyCorporate 01/08/2013
Seaford HouseCorporate 23/12/2013
Seaforth Estate CheckDistrict 01/01/1990
Sean F Forrester (Personal)Name 01/08/2009
SeasideFashion 01/01/2002
SeattleDistrict 01/01/1990
Sebilleau, Christine (Personal)Name 27/10/2018
Second Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, TheMilitary 01/01/2017
Sedge, Douglas (Personal)Name 09/10/2015
Segyo, André (Personal)Name 15/12/2017
Sekai Fushigi HakkenCorporate 01/01/2001
SelbyName 09/04/2009
SeletarCorporate 10/12/2001
Selkirk (Personal) OriginalClan/FamilyNot Specified
Selkirk High SchoolCorporate 01/09/2005
Selkirk, NewDistrict 01/03/1996
Seller (Personal)Clan/Family01/01/2002
Seller Dress (Dance)Fashion Not Specified
Seller, Reproduction DressClan/Family01/01/2002
Selvon-Bruce (Personal)Name Not Specified
SemperFashion 20/01/2014
SensCorporate 17/12/2008
Serco Caledonian SleeperCorporate 10/11/2014
SerenadeFashion 01/01/1972
Service of Drymen (Personal)Name 01/01/2002
Seth Stratton XXXOther01/01/1840
Seton HuntingClan/Family01/01/1930
Setting Sun, TheFashion Not Specified
SeyClan/FamilyNot Specified
Seyfarth, Christel (Personal)Name 31/03/2017
ShadowHallsFashion 25/08/2013
ShalomFashion Not Specified
ShanahanCorporate 01/01/2003
Shandon (Personal)Name 01/10/2001
Shanghai ScottishCorporate 26/07/2012
ShannonUnidentifiedNot Specified
Shapiro (Personal)Name Not Specified
Shark & Turtle Pub, TheOther14/06/2017
ShaughnessyFashion 01/05/2003
Shaw Dress (Personal)Clan/Family01/01/2004
Shaw of Carolina (Personal)Name 01/12/2005
Shaw of Tordarroch Green (Hunting)Clan/Family01/01/1971
Shaw of Tordarroch Red (Dress)Clan/Family01/01/1971
Shawn Jones Afghan Memorial, TheCommemorative 10/04/2013
ShearerName Not Specified
Shearer (2016)Name 27/08/2016
SheBoomCorporate 25/03/2014
Shedor (2013)Name 16/05/2013
Sheffield High SchoolCorporate Not Specified
Sheffield, City ofDistrict Not Specified
ShenzhenCorporate 01/01/2004
Shepherd (Brown & White)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Shepherd or FalkirkCorporate Historic
Shepherd, Derek (Piping)Name 04/02/2010
Shepherd, Derek (Modern)Name 05/01/2010
Shepherd, Derek (Wandering)Name 17/02/2010
Sheraton Grand Hotel & SpaCorporate 05/07/2016
Sherlock HolmesOther28/02/2017
Shevchenko, Denis (Personal)Name 14/07/2017
Shiach (Personal)Name Not Specified
Shiel ClaretFashion Not Specified
Shiel MagentaFashion Not Specified
Shiel PurpleFashion Not Specified
Shiel Purple V2Fashion Not Specified
ShieldhallFashion Not Specified
Ship Hector, TheCommemorative 01/06/1999
Shipley, Ian (Personal)Name 01/01/2010
Shire of Hornwood (USA)Corporate 07/03/2011
Shirley (2017)Name 07/07/2017
Shirra (2013)Name 08/10/2013
Shrayman HouseFashion 20/05/2018
Sibbald Blue (2014)Name 15/03/2014
SiddleName 21/04/2006
Sidey (Dundee) Dress (Personal)Name 09/10/2010
Sidey Family (Dundee) (Personal)Name 09/10/2010
SikhCommemorative 01/01/1999
SildesalatenCommemorative 22/02/2013
SillarsClan/FamilyNot Specified
SillitoeCorporate 01/01/1932
Silver (Personal)Name 01/01/2003
Silver FernFashion 01/08/2017
Silver GraniteFashion Not Specified
Silver MistCorporate 01/01/2006
Silver ThistleFashion 01/06/2005
SilvercoinFashion 16/11/2018
SilverseaCorporate 01/06/2004
Silverton Family (Basingstoke)Name 02/09/2010
SilvicolaCorporate Not Specified
SiMBACorporate 10/02/2015
Simon and Friends (Hamburg) (Personal)Name 25/05/2012
Simple TechnologyCorporate 01/01/1996
Sin-CosCorporate 18/10/2009
Sinclair (Logan)Other01/01/1830
Sinclair Dress (Dance)Clan/Family01/01/1998
Sinclair Green (Personal)Name 01/01/2002
Sinclair HuntingClan/FamilyNot Specified
Sinclair Hunting (VS)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Sinclair-Brown (Personal)Name 01/01/2002
Singer Manufacturing Company, TheCorporate 26/04/2016
Singh, Gopal (Personal)Name 20/03/2014
Single Malt Club ChinaCorporate 16/05/2017
Sir BilliCorporate 01/03/2006
Sirens & SwordsFashion 03/05/2015
Sirrell (2014)Name 06/08/2014
Six Frigates (US)Fashion 03/01/2012
Skarpathiotakis, George (Personal)Name 18/12/2014
SkeneClan/FamilyNot Specified
Skene #2Clan/Family01/01/1830
Skene (Maclan)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Skene of CromarClan/Family01/01/2002
Skene of Cromar (1885)Clan/Family01/01/1885
Skene of Cromar (Cant version)UnidentifiedNot Specified
Skene or Tribe of MarClan/FamilyNot Specified
SkinnerName 01/01/1997
Sky, Laird (Personal)Name 11/11/2018
SkyeFashion 01/01/2002
Skye Dress Blue, Earl of (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2002
Skye Dress Blue, Isle of (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2002
Skye Dress Red, Earl of (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2002
Skye GreenFashion Not Specified
Skye, Isle ofDistrict 01/01/1984
SkyscannerCorporate 01/02/2017
SlanjCorporate 01/02/2000
Slanj DressFashion 01/05/2002
Slanj, GreyCorporate Not Specified
Slanj, TheCorporate 30/10/2000
Slessor (Personal)Name 01/03/2003
Sligo County, Crest RangeDistrict 01/05/2005
Sligo, CountyDistrict 01/01/1996
Slominski (2017)Name 13/09/2017
Smail, Edwin (Personal)Name 14/10/2018
SmartWoolCorporate 01/03/2003
Smeaton 1985Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Smeaton 1997Name 01/01/1997
Smeaton HuntingClan/FamilyNot Specified
SmithName 01/01/1886
Smith (Sir William)Corporate 01/01/1975
Smith of PennylandsName Not Specified
SmithsonianCorporate 01/04/2003
Smoke Showing (UFES)Corporate 04/12/2014
SnaefellDistrict 01/01/1979
Sneddon, Jonathan Taylor (Personal)Name 13/04/2016
SnelgroveName Not Specified
Snelgrove HuntingName Not Specified
SnoozzzeeeCorporate 01/01/2004
Snowball, Neil & Joanne (Personal)Name 16/10/2018
SnowbirdCorporate 01/01/2003
Snowy OwlFashion 17/02/2010
So StoboCorporate 15/06/2017
SOBHDCorporate Not Specified
Solberg-Bell (Personal)Name 25/08/2014
Solberg-Bell HuntingName 14/05/2016
Solberg-Wormald (Personal)Name 01/01/2004
Sole SistersCorporate 18/04/2017
Solheim CupCorporate 11/12/2018
Solway SpiritDistrict 01/10/2003
SomersetDistrict 01/01/1987
Somerset #2District 01/01/2003
Sons of ScotlandCorporate 01/01/2003
SonsubCorporate 01/01/2006
Sorel-TracyDistrict 01/07/2017
Soroptimist InternationalCorporate Not Specified
Sorrow (2018)Name 03/01/2018
Sound of IonaFashion 04/04/2014
Sound of MullFashion 09/03/2016
South AfricaDistrict 26/10/2007
South African Air ForceMilitary 01/01/1995
South Aiken Presbyterian ChurchCorporate Not Specified
South AustraliaFashion 01/01/1999
South Australia OfficialDistrict 01/01/2008
South Australian Pipes & DrumsCorporate 01/07/2003
South CarolinaDistrict 01/02/2003
South Carolina, University ofCorporate 01/04/2013
South LanarkshireDistrict 01/04/2001
SouthdownFashion 01/01/1985
Southdown GreyFashion 01/01/1985
Southern Heather BlackFashion 01/01/2018
Southern Heather GreyFashion 01/01/2018
Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleCorporate 01/03/2011
Southern LakesDistrict 01/04/2015
Southwell (Personal)Name 01/09/2002
Souza Nery (Personal)Name 01/01/1997
SPA AssociationCorporate 01/11/2004
Spanish shirtFashion 01/01/2002
Spar (UK) LtdCorporate 01/01/1996
SpareUnidentifiedNot Specified
Spare #2UnidentifiedNot Specified
Special 1Unidentified01/01/1999
Special Air ServiceMilitary 01/12/2010
Special SaffronDistrict 01/01/2002
SpectraCorporate 16/11/2017
SpencerFashion 01/01/1990
Spencer (2013)Name 06/09/2013
Spens (Lochcarron)Clan/Family01/01/2004
Spens FragmentOther01/01/2002
SpeyCorporate 07/08/2016
Spice AppleFashion 01/01/1972
Spice of LifeFashion 14/02/2010
Spirit of 1994Fashion 12/07/2011
Spirit of AlbaFashion 19/09/2001
Spirit of AlvaDistrict 01/01/2007
Spirit of BannockburnFashion Not Specified
Spirit of BerwickshireFashion 15/05/2018
Spirit of de JongName 01/05/2012
Spirit of DunkeldFashion 18/01/2012
Spirit of Dunkerque 1940Fashion 18/06/2018
Spirit of FifeCorporate 01/02/2005
Spirit Of GreenockFashion 06/04/2018
Spirit of HoxaDistrict 13/09/2012
Spirit of IndiaFashion 15/03/2007
Spirit of IrelandFashion 09/01/2018
Spirit of Le MansFashion 09/02/2018
Spirit Of Le Mans (Racing)Fashion 16/07/2018
Spirit of LensFashion 12/12/2017
Spirit of MorningsideFashion 01/04/2003
Spirit of Northern FranceFashion 11/08/2017
Spirit of Pakistan, TheFashion 01/11/2013
Spirit of Peggy's CoveFashion 11/03/2018
Spirit of RiversideCorporate Not Specified
Spirit of RomaniaFashion 18/06/2013
Spirit of Russia, TheFashion 02/11/2013
Spirit of ScotlandCorporate 01/01/1998
Spirit of ShetlandFashion 15/02/2017
Spirit of South KoreaFashion 15/06/2010
Spirit of South LanarkshireDistrict Not Specified
Spirit of Speyside Whisky FestivalCorporate 10/02/2017
Spirit of Sri LankaFashion 18/09/2016
Spirit of the GlenCorporate Not Specified
Spirit of UkraineFashion 01/01/2018
Spirit of UlsterFashion 01/03/2007
Spirit of WalesFashion 01/01/2005
Spirit of West LothianCorporate 01/07/2007
Spotsylvania County Sheriff's OfficeCorporate 01/01/2007
Spotsylvania County, Sherrif's Office ofCorporate 01/02/2006
Spragg, AndrewName 12/02/2010
Spring MorningFashion 01/01/1973
SpringbankCorporate 12/07/2012
SpringbokFashion 01/12/2010
Sprott (2017)Name 23/07/2017
SproustonCorporate 30/06/2002
Sri LankaDistrict 01/06/2007
SSAFACorporate 30/07/2018
St AndrewCommemorative 01/08/1999
St Andrew's CollegeCorporate 01/03/2006
St Andrew's School, DelawareCorporate Not Specified
St Andrews BayCorporate 01/01/2003
St Andrews Golf ClubCorporate 18/10/2011
St Andrews LinksCorporate 28/08/1997
St Andrews Links DressCorporate 01/04/2011
St Andrews Links, Castle CourseCorporate 12/12/2018
St Andrews Old Course Hotel, Golf Course and SpaCorporate 01/02/1994
St Andrews, University ofCorporate 01/09/1997
St Brigid's QuirindiCorporate 20/04/2014
St GeorgeFashion 01/06/2006
St George's SchoolCorporate 01/10/2002
St Georges CheckFashion 07/10/2010
St John'sCorporate 01/02/2003
St Johns County's Sheriff's OfficeCorporate 01/03/2011
St Kentigern CollegeCorporate Not Specified
St KildaDistrict 01/01/1900
St Margaret's School for Girls, AberdeenCorporate 21/05/2015
St Ninian's DayCommemorative 01/08/2010
St Patrick's KreweCorporate 21/08/2009
St. Andrew Quebec CityCorporate 01/10/2002
St. Andrew SocietyCorporate 01/01/2007
St. AndrewsDistrict 01/08/2003
St. Andrews (Queens University)Corporate 01/01/2002
St. Andrews Dress, Earl ofDistrict Not Specified
St. Andrews GrandCorporate Not Specified
St. Andrews Management SchoolCorporate 01/06/2007
St. Andrews New Golf ClubCorporate 01/01/1998
St. Andrews, Earl ofDistrict 01/01/1930
St. ChristopherCorporate 01/08/2005
St. Clement of Rome SchoolCorporate Not Specified
St. Columba (one green)District 01/10/1996
St. Columba (two greens)Corporate Not Specified
St. Dennis & Cranley SchoolCorporate 01/01/1995
St. EloiCorporate 01/01/1997
St. Francis Xavier UniversityCorporate 01/01/1994
St. George's School (Birmingham)Corporate 01/01/1999
St. Giles CathedralCorporate Not Specified
St. Giles CheckFashion 01/01/1984
St. Johnstone Football ClubCorporate 01/01/1997
St. LawrenceDistrict 01/01/1963
St. Lawrence #2Fashion 01/01/2002
St. LeonardsCorporate 01/01/2002
St. Margaret's School EdinburghCorporate 01/01/2002
St. Mary's Help of Christians SchCorporate Not Specified
St. MirrenCorporate Not Specified
St. Mirren Football ClubCorporate 01/01/2001
St. PatrickFashion 01/01/1971
St. Piran Cornish FlagDistrict 01/01/1983
St. Piran DressDistrict 01/01/1985
St. Vincent's HospiceCorporate 14/12/2017
Staffa (Silk)Other01/01/2003
Staines (2013)Name 25/06/2013
Stakis HotelsCorporate 01/01/2002
Staley (2014)Name 06/11/2014
StammBarCorporate 07/09/2013
Stand InternationalCorporate 26/05/2015
Stand Up! RecordsCorporate 07/11/2018
Stanners (Personal)Name 02/11/2009
Stansbury (2014)Name 22/08/2014
Star Is Born, AFashion 01/01/1972
StarrName 01/01/2004
Starrett Company, L.S.Corporate Not Specified
State University of New York College at BuffaloCorporate 01/04/2015
Staves (Personal)Name 01/01/2005
Ste-Anne-de-PortneufDistrict 01/01/2002
Steel (Personal)Name 01/02/2006
Steffen, Markus (Personal)Name 13/08/2010
SteiffCorporate 23/05/2001
Stempeck von Wolffradt, Shelley (Personal)Name 19/10/2018
Stenhousemuir Football ClubCorporate 01/01/2002
Stephen F Austin State UniversityCorporate 01/05/2013
Stephen-MathiesonName 04/08/2009
StephensName 01/10/2006
Stephens DressName 01/10/2006
Stephenson HuntingClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stephenson Hunting #2Clan/Family01/01/1981
SterlingFashion 24/05/2011
Sterling, Rob (Florida) (Personal)Name 10/07/2012
Steve Walls CommemorativeCommemorative 06/08/2013
Stevens #2Fashion 01/01/2006
Stevens #3Fashion 01/01/2006
Stevens #4Fashion 01/01/2006
Stevens #5Fashion 01/01/2006
Stevens #6Fashion 01/01/2006
Stevens (Personal)Name 01/01/2005
StevensonName Not Specified
Stevenson (Personal)Clan/Family01/01/1980
StewartFashion 01/01/2002
Stewart (King George VI)Royal01/01/2002
Stewart (Silk Fragment)Other01/01/2002
Stewart - Pr Ch Ed - PendletonFashion 01/01/2002
Stewart /Stuart- Fragment Cf 1452 & 1445Other01/01/2002
Stewart Camel (Lochcarron)Fashion 01/01/1999
Stewart from CairnieName Not Specified
Stewart HuntingClan/Family01/01/1819
Stewart of Appin DressFashion 01/01/2002
Stewart of Appin HuntingClan/Family01/01/1800
Stewart of ButeClan/Family01/01/1819
Stewart of Bute HuntingClan/Family01/01/2002
Stewart of KilliecrankieClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stewart, Anthony C (Personal)Name Not Specified
Stewart/Stuart (Black)Clan/Family01/01/1960
Stewart/Stuart - Prince Charles EdwardOther01/01/1745
Stewart/Stuart BlueClan/Family01/01/2002
Stewart/Stuart C18th - Cf 1314 & 4454Other01/01/2002
Stewart/Stuart Dress (Four red lines)Other01/01/1819
Stewart/Stuart MourningClan/Family01/01/1880
Stewart/Stuart of AppinClan/Family01/01/1990
Stewart/Stuart of Appin #2Clan/Family01/01/1906
Stewart/Stuart of AthollClan/Family01/01/1842
Stewart/Stuart of Galloway (VS)Clan/Family01/01/1842
Stewart/Stuart of Galloway (Wilsons)Clan/Family01/01/1819
Stewart/Stuart of Rothesay (Sobieski)Clan/Family01/01/1829
Stewart/Stuart Royal (B,W. & Grey)Clan/Family01/01/1880
Stewart/Stuart Royal (VS)Clan/Family01/01/1842
Stewart/Stuart, RoyalFashion 01/01/1819
Stewart/Stuart, Royal #2Royal01/01/1800
Stewart/Stuart, Royal (Black and White))Clan/Family01/01/2002
Stewart/Stuart, Royal (No black line)Other01/01/1750
Stewarton (Personal)Fashion 01/02/1997
Stewmann (2009) (Personal)Commemorative 03/10/2009
Stirling & Bannockburn DressDistrict 01/01/1987
Stirling and BannockburnDistrict 01/01/1847
Stirling MillenniumCorporate 01/07/1999
Stirling of KeirClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stirling UniversityCorporate 01/11/1993
Stirling University #2Corporate 01/01/1994
Stirling Weavers GuildOtherNot Specified
Stirling, University ofCorporate 01/11/1993
STLTHCorporate 21/12/2012
Stone of Destiny, TheCommemorative 01/01/1996
Stone, Eric & Naomi (Personal)Name 12/11/2018
StorrieClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stott (Personal)Name 01/01/2007
Stovell (2015)Name 27/07/2015
StradlingName Not Specified
StrakanCorporate 01/01/1999
Strang (Personal)Clan/Family01/01/1998
Strange of Balcaskie (Personal)Name 01/01/1995
Stratford (Ontario), City ofDistrict 01/10/2010
Stratford Police Pipe Band (Ontario)Corporate 14/06/2012
Strath Hallidale (Sutherland)District 01/01/1998
StrathblaneFashion 01/01/1984
StrathclydeDistrict Not Specified
Strathclyde (Official)District 01/01/1975
Strathclyde blueDistrict 01/01/1993
Strathclyde, University ofCorporate 01/09/1998
Strathcona Firefighters Pipes and Drums BandCorporate 14/12/2018
Strathdee (Personal)Name 01/11/2006
StrathdonDistrict 26/11/2009
StrathearnDistrict 01/01/1820
StrathgaelaCorporate 01/12/2002
StrathislaDistrict 01/01/2002
StrathmoreDistrict 20/11/2009
StrathspeyFashion 01/01/1975
Strathspey Estate CheckDistrict Not Specified
StrathtayDistrict 26/11/2009
StrathtummelDistrict 26/11/2009
Strathyre dressDistrict 01/01/2007
Strathyre Dress (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2004
Strathyre Dress (Dance) #2Fashion Not Specified
Stuart Nicol TransportCorporate 17/02/2017
Stuart of ButeClan/Family01/01/1842
Stuart of Bute St ColmacFashion 13/02/2013
Stuart-Houghton (Personal)Name 01/01/2001
Stuart-Houghton Dress (Personal)Name 01/01/2001
Stuart-Houghton Hunting (Personal)Name 01/01/2001
Stuart/StewartClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart (Variant)Name Not Specified
Stuart/Stewart - Prince Charles EdwardRoyal01/01/1746
Stuart/Stewart AncientClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Authentic GreyClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart BlackName Not Specified
Stuart/Stewart Black #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Black #3Name Not Specified
Stuart/Stewart BlueFashion 01/01/2002
Stuart/Stewart DressClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Dress #2OtherNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Dress BlueClan/Family01/01/1977
Stuart/Stewart Dress RoyalClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart FawnFashion Not Specified
Stuart/Stewart HuntingClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Hunting #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Hunting #3Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Hunting #4Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Hunting PlaidOtherNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart MourningClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart navyClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of AppinClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of Appin #2Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of Appin #3Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of Appin #4Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of Appin (Dress Hunting Stewart)Clan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of Appin DressClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of ArdshielClan/Family01/01/1810
Stuart/Stewart of Bute HuntingClan/Family01/01/1842
Stuart/Stewart of FingaskClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of RothesayClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart of UrrardClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart OldClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart PlaidOtherNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Riding CloakOtherNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart Royal variantClan/FamilyNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart SilverCommemorative 01/01/1977
Stuart/Stewart variantOtherNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart variant #2OtherNot Specified
Stuart/Stewart VictoriaRoyalNot Specified
Studio Wolf PolysunCorporate 06/11/2013
Sturm (2016)Name 12/02/2016
SturrockClan/FamilyNot Specified
Sturrock (Blue/Black)Clan/Family01/01/1947
StutterheimCorporate 24/02/2012
StyrianFashion 01/06/2001
SubmarinersCorporate 23/03/2012
Suffolk County PoliceCorporate 01/01/1997
SuffragetteFashion 06/02/2018
SugiyamaCorporate 01/04/2012
Sullivan (Estimated threadcount)Fashion 01/01/2005
Sullivan of BraemarName 04/06/2009
Sultan of Qaboo's Air ForceMilitary 01/01/1996
Summer SpiritFashion 01/12/2005
SummerwoodCorporate 01/01/2001
Sunart PinkFashion Not Specified
Sunart SaphireFashion Not Specified
SunderlandDistrict 11/12/2006
Sunderland of ScotlandFashion Not Specified
Superfast FerriesCorporate Not Specified
Superstition Fire Honor Guard Pipes & DrumsCorporate 28/10/2014
Support in Mind ScotlandCorporate 20/12/2017
Supporter.comCorporate 08/06/2014
SurvivorFashion 31/01/2006
Susan G Komen 06Fashion 01/01/2006
Sutherland #2District 01/01/2002
Sutherland #3OtherNot Specified
Sutherland 42ndClan/FamilyNot Specified
Sutherland de Albergaria (Personal)Name 01/01/2004
Sutherland de Albergaria Dress (Personal)Name 25/08/2016
Sutherland Dress (Dance)Fashion 01/01/1977
Sutherland Dress (Fashion)Fashion 01/01/1930
Sutherland of DuffusClan/Family01/01/1715
Sutherland, Dress Royal (Dance)Fashion 01/01/2000
Suttle (Personal)Name Not Specified
SuzugamineCorporate 01/03/2000
Svanholm (Personal)Name 01/11/2000
Svedin, Martin (Personal)Name 19/01/2017
Svensson, Baron of Crawfordjohn (Personal)Name 01/12/2005
SverkerCorporate 01/09/2016
Swallow (Personal)Name 23/12/2009
Swallow HotelsCorporate 01/11/2005
Swan 2015, Brian E (Personal)Name 13/08/2014
Swan, Brian EName 25/05/2011
Swankie (Personal)Name 01/09/1998
Swanstrom (Personal)Name 01/06/2007
SwedishDistrict 21/10/2005
Swedish #2District 01/01/2002
Sweet AftonCorporate 08/05/2018
Sweet, Mark (Personal)Name 22/12/2017
Sweetheart, TheDistrict 29/06/2011
Swiss CountryFashion 01/08/2015
Swiss HighlanderCorporate 29/06/2009
Swiss NationalFashion 01/08/2011
Swiss RedFashion 01/06/2006
Swiss Red #2District 01/05/2006
Sydney (Nova Scotia)Commemorative 01/01/1986
Sydney (Nova Scotia) #2District 01/01/2002
Sydney AcademyCorporate 01/09/2013
SYHA Hostelling ScotlandCorporate 09/06/2016
SymbiosisCorporate 20/05/2017
Symonds (2016)Name 16/02/2016
SymonsFashion 31/07/2017
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